“We started with a small idea that technology should be available for everyone in a reasonable price and we drive our expertise in business strategic and Artificial Intelligence of Computer Vision to make a better living of tomorrow”
-Anuwat Chamnan


Empowering AI and Computer Vision to help human live better.


We focus on providing solutions and benefits of AI and Computer Vision to our customers in quality, performance, cost efficiency, ease of use and fully customizable.


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Business Solution

Customize to your business.

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AI and computer vision

Turn your existing IP Camera to smart sensor.

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Process Improvement

Adjust the work process to be more efficient, convenient, and cost saving.

Put Face Recognition to your solution/business

diA Founded
3 First customers industrial segment
Positive Rev since 1st year of operation
1st Deployment in Oil and Gas industry
3 platforms in Industrial and Retail
dIA product: Vision Intelligece™
BOI: Vision Imtelligence™ project is under reviewing for Cat5:A1


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