On average, injuries in the manufacturing industry cost organizations billions of dollars annually. Apart from losing employees, organizations

also have to pay for workman’s compensation and deal with increases in future premium costs. The National Safety Council reports that in

2019, work injuries cost $171.0 billion across all industries, with manufacturing accounting for 15% of all private industry nonfatal injuries.


However, there is a solution that can help protect workers and prevent these costly accidents – Artificial Intelligence (AI). By leveraging AI,

 manufacturers can closely monitor their production capacity and processes, enabling them to make data-driven decisions that improve

 safety, detect hazards, and optimize operations.


There are several ways to use AI computer vision to enhance manufacturing safety monitoring.

🎯 Detecting an employee approaching dangerous machinery or entering restricted areas. 

🎯 Monitor whether employees are wearing the correct protective gear or performing dangerous tasks. Additionally,

🎯 AI can authenticate an employee’s face to access a machine to prevent injuries caused by unauthorized use.


Investing in AI technologies is a wise decision for manufacturers who seek to improve their efficiency, and quality control, and ultimately stay ahead of their competition. By leveraging AI, manufacturers can improve safety and increase productivity while mitigating the risk of workplace accidents and associated costs.