Get to Know Smart Event

Get to Know Smart Event

Smart Event is an event management system that uses technology and intelligence to improve event experiences and efficiency. It ensures events are more efficient and valuable, enabling organizers to manage events effectively in real-time. It also allows attendees to access information and services quickly and conveniently.

dIA Smart Event utilizes facial recognition from IP cameras working with AI systems to make smart sensor RPA (Robotic Process Automation) that can react to the surrounding environment for smooth event entry, eliminating the need for physical documents to confirm identity and improving convenience, efficiency and safety.

How Does Smart Event Work

Smart Event Functions and Features

Functions and Features

Multi Registration Channels

Smart Event dIA IP camera with AI software offers multiple registration channels for the convenience of attendees, including online registration link, mobile registration, taking photo via laptop, and uploading photo before coming to the event.

Authentication by Face Recognition

Smart Event makes the registration easier by replacing QR code and document use with facial scanning system. Smart sensor RPA allows attendees to enter events within seconds through facial scanning and face recognition systems.

Shorter the Queue

Using dIA Smart Event significantly reduces queuing time compared to traditional registration ways, resulting in smarter resource management and cost savings.

Realtime Dashboard

dIA Smart Event provides a real-time performance dashboard summarizing event data, helping organizers track, analyze attendee participation and behavior.

Advantages for Your Company from a Smart Event

Advantages of your company

Smart management

Smart Event allows organizers to manage events more efficiently by automatically registering attendees through facial scanning and providing real-time event reporting.

Reduce the workload of employees

Modern technology and the efficiency of dIA Smart Event reduces the workload of employees, as minimizing staff is required for attendee guidance and supervision.

Cost Savings

Reducing staff numbers leads to cost savings. Smart Event‘s facial recognition is more efficient than manual registration, also reducing paper and stationery costs. It also helps reduce global warming as well.

Enhance Efficiency and Simplify Registration

Attendees no longer need to carry documents for event confirmation, as dIA Smart Event IP camera works with AI software and turns into smart sensor RPA that can accurately scan and remember up to 2,000 faces. Thus, it can scan up to 10 people in one second.

Real-time Data Insights

Real-time performance dashboard offers business insights. With a Smart Event tracking system of dIA Smart Event AI software system that allows organizers to monitor and analyze participant participation and behavior. This helps in planning future activities.


Event organizations must prioritize the safety of event attendees. Sometimes, individuals with harm intentions may attempt to enter the event. dIA Smart Event AI software system can scan and identify the faces of attendees, ensuring efficient security and effective screening of individuals.

Advantages for Your Customers from a Smart Event

Advantages of Your Customer

Easy Online Registration

Online registration is easy to use and allows attendees to register themselves through the website at home or at the event itself. All that’s needed is to scan their faces by dIA Smart Event IP camera and AI software, eliminating the need for any documents or ID cards.

No Contact with Paper and Pens

Hands-free authentication is convenient and hygienic, avoiding shared pens and minimizing the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

Faster Registration

Attendees no longer need to wait in line or fill out paperwork to verify their identity. With Smart Event registration, they simply walk past the camera to have their face scanned. You can register in less than a minute.

Smart Event

Start Your Smart Event With dIA

Are you ready to make your company’s event more convenient and efficient for both employees and customers? Start using Smart Event IP cameras and AI software to combine with your existing management system, avoiding the need for a complete system overhaul. Join the future of Smart Event with Dynamic Intelligence Asia – dIA.


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