Get to Know dIA Smart Office

Get to Know dIA Smart Office

dIA Smart Office is the introduction of AI software with face recognition technology into use in office areas, companies or factories in order to prove and confirm the identity of a person with a special feature of using analysis through a biometric system.


dIA Smart Office IP camera with AI software containing face recognition systems that works by comparing faces from digital photographs and video camera images of people in a company, office, or factory with an existing facial database. Then the system will display the comparison results with an accuracy of up to 99%. These can turn into smart sensor RPA that is able to detect various types of things and react to the environment as preference presets to make your office work more efficiently.

How Does dIA Smart Office Work

Smart Office Functions and Features

Functions and Features

Auto Face Detection

Boost the efficiency of auto face IP cameras by connecting them with a face recognition Smart Office platform and turning it to a Smart Office sensor RPA. This platform boasts the capability to detect and analyze faces using biometric technology. Which can simultaneously detect multiple faces and compare them against a database within the system. Then the results are displayed quickly with high accuracy. Therefore, the dIA Smart Office can be invaluable in terms of security, access control, attendance tracking, and streamlines processes in your Smart Office environment.

Real-time Notification

Real-time notifications in specific areas you need to monitor or manage can be smoothly achieved through the integration of a face recognition Smart Office platform. An IP camera with AI software from dIA allows immediate notifications to be sent to mobile devices or other Smart Office devices when the customer VIP guest or suspicious person comes into the office area.

Automatic Door Opening and Closing

This technology leverages the face recognition Smart Office platform to restrict access to registered individuals within the offices, companies, or factory premises. Its primary goal is to avoid unauthorized access, incorrect code input, or lost keycards. This function is operated by IP camera and AI software from dIA to support touchless activities, providing convenience, simplicity, and hygiene. Which is a smart and efficient solution for modern office environments

Time Attendance System

The specialty of the dIA Smart Office system is its ability to analyze and display the faces of people, employees, or related parties to know who they are, where they are, and at what time they enter the work site. Then record the results, date, and time of the analysis. Therefore, it is suitable for use in offices, companies or factories that require regular clocking in and out.

Advantages for Your Company from a Smart Office

Advantages of your company

Reducing Maintenance Costs

dIA Smart Office integrates face recognition technology with AI software works together with IP cameras or CCTV systems, representing a long-term investment that reduces unnecessary expenses. For example, maintaining and managing employee keycards, which can be a costly and time-consuming process.

Easy to Manage and Administer

A Smart Office management system is a user-friendly and convenient system designed to simplify and record statistics for various administrations. It enhances ease and convenience in managing offices, companies, and factories.

Improving the Accuracy and Security

A Smart Office solution is an approach that helps in the improvement of accurate and secure systems. Particularly those related to managing people entering or exiting the office, company, and factory premises, as well as the associated personnel. It focuses on enhancing efficiency and safety within the office environment.

Card-less Company

Say goodbye to the troubles of forgotten keycards, lost passwords, and the unnecessary expenses of maintaining employee cards. A Smart Office can reduce the problem of scanning interchangeable cards for employees just by installing an IP camera with AI software from dIA.

Advantages for Your Employees from a Smart Office

Advantages of Your Customer

Convenient and Hygienic

AI software from dIA helps your Smart Office reduce physical touch from customers, employees, or anyone associated with the business and replace it with an IP smart camera with facial scan and facial recognition system. This technology simplifies the process, making it both user-friendly and hygienic, as it minimizes physical contact.

Registration Time Reducing

Reducing the registration time for entry into the workplace or a company is now remarkably swift with dIA Smart Office’s Face Recognition System. This biometric technology swiftly and accurately detects faces. To put it into perspective, in an industrial factory with 600 employees, it typically takes just 10 minutes on average to capture the faces of all employees.

Less Access Process

With dIA Smart Office’s Face Recognition System maintains a thorough database of individuals within offices, companies, and factories, making the registration and access process effortless, convenient, and contactless.

New Access Method

Smart Office products like dIA Smart Office’s Smart sensor RPA eliminate the need for access cards or fingerprint scans for entry and exit. This intelligent technology can simplify and streamline the process, as well as remove the complexities and inconveniences associated with these traditional methods.

Smart Office

Start Your Smart Office With dIA

Are you ready to change the future of Smart Office? Join the Smart Office with IP camera and AI software face recognition from Dynamic Intelligence Asia – dIA to increase the quality, efficiency, value, and user experience. Let’s drive businesses forward with artificial intelligence technology to create a better future, both in terms of quality of life and existence.


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