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The definition of Smart Manufacturing (SM) is a technology-driven approach that utilizes Internet connection machinery to monitor the production process. The goal of Smart Factory is to identify opportunities for automating operations and use data analytics to improve manufacturing performance. Smart retail solutions encompass a range of innovative strategies and technologies to optimize retail operations and deliver unparalleled convenience and satisfaction to customers.

Smart Factory IP camera with AI software from dIA and turns into sensor RPA (Robotic Process Automation) that can provide safety and gain more work efficiency by face detection and real-time notification by face recognition system.

How Does Smart Factory Work

Functions and Features

Functions and Features

Face and Safety Gears Detection

Smart Manufacturing technology detects employee’s faces and equipment to ensure completeness and verify before operating the machine. This helps reduce accidents in the work area and improves work efficiency.

Restricted Areas Alarm

Smart Manufacturing technology helps send warning signals every time there is an entry into restricted areas, enhancing safety for both workers and the workplace.

Display Alert Log Information

Smart Manufacturing technology collects safety and employee performance data and summarizes into statistical dashboards to improve future safety measures.

Real-time Notification

One of Smart Manufacturing technology’s important jobs is to keep a close eye on everything happening in the factory to make sure it’s safe and everything is in its place. It helps send real-time notification if there is any missing equipment or unauthorized person detected.

Recieve Multiple Assignments

CCTV cameras in Smart Factory can receive multiple assignments, such as instructions for security monitoring. Additional commands can be given to check if an employee entering a specific area should be there or not, and whether they are wearing safety helmets. If not, this can trigger notifications to the nearest security personnel. Assignments can be customized according to user preferences, allowing for flexible adjustments as needed.

Advantages of your company

Advantages of Your Company

1. Control Machine

Smart Manufacturing have the control machine access by face authentication in identification to avoid force majeure. IP cameras with AI software from dIA, equipped with cutting-edge smart technology automation, continuously capture and transmit high-resolution video feeds, providing real-time visibility into every corner of the production floor.

2. Increase the safety of employees' work

dIA Smart Manufacturing technology helps increase the safety by providing real-time insights, detect unsafe conditions, potential hazards, or unauthorized access to restricted areas.

3. Easy and quick to check safety

dIA Smart Manufacturing technology can trigger immediate alerts to designated personnel, supervisors, or even directly to workers, allowing for rapid response and preventing safety threats in the factory area.

4. Costs Saving and Revenue Growth

dIA Smart Factory helping factories save costs by replacing existing CCTV cameras with automation can increase productivity and lead to significant cost savings. It simulates the presence of additional human workers, resulting in increased production, which in turn leads to greater cost savings.

5. End-to-End Visibility of Manufacturing Operations

Increasing visibility of what happens in the factory can be achieved by equipping every device with closed-circuit cameras. This allows the CCTV cameras to work in place of humans, without the need for physical hardware interaction. dIA Smart Factory can determine whether employees are following the prescribed procedures and can even monitor their behavior to ensure compliance.

6. Tackle Operational Challenges and Disruptions

dIA Smart Factory can work effectively by understanding the required steps and is capable of handling various challenges during the work process. Additionally, it can comprehend the need to pause or suspend work temporarily and seamlessly resume tasks when needed until the entire process is completed.

7. Reduce Labor Costs and Stay Resilient Despite Supply Chain Disruptions

If an employee has an accident and the work has to be stopped for one month, the internal expenses within the factory can increase up to five times the cost of that employee. This includes paying for sick leave and potentially hiring temporary workers to cover the workload. The skills of the replacement workers may not be as high as the original employee, leading to increased production errors and losses. Having dIA Smart Factory  assist in the work can ensure smooth operations even when a human employee is absent, reducing labor costs and minimizing the impact of workforce disruptions.

8. Ensure Efficiency and Reduce Waste

Automated systems for detailed quality inspection are employed in manufacturing when producing customer-specific orders. dIA Smart Factory  plays a crucial role in ensuring that the products are manufactured in accordance with the specified orders. If any discrepancies are identified, corrections can be made during the production process. This makes quality control more efficient, minimizes product defects, and reduces the need for rework or recycling.

Advantages of Your Employee

Advantages of Your Employee

1. Prevent force majeure or accidents

Advantages of using face recognition of Smart Manufacture from dIA, such as Access control, controlling and limiting the people who have been authorized to go to work. This prevents the risk of damage to items from unauthorized people. People who secretly break in

2. Reduce the harm from work

Smart Manufacture AI software systems prioritize safety, reducing the likelihood of defects or accidents that could affect customers. Ensuring compliance with safety regulations also contributes to product consistency and reliability.

3. Reduce the carry of Security card

Smart technology automation contains Facial recognition that helps detect faces through intelligent AI systems without the need for time-consuming card swiping for check-in.

4. Work more conveniently

In Smart Manufacturing, IP cameras, supported by the capabilities of AI software from dIA, help identify personalization needs and ensure they are accurately implemented in the production process.

Start Your Smart Manufacture With dIA

Start Your Smart Manufacture With dIA

Ready to take your manufacturing operations to the next level? Embrace the future of manufacturing with the IP camera with AI software from dIA that guarantees success, safety, and sustainability. Let’s reduce errors and incidents in the workplace and make more efficient work by installing IP camera Smart Manufacture from Dynamic Intelligence Asia – dIA.


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