Get to Know Smart Hospital

Get to Know Smart Hospital

Smart Hospital is a hospital that provides medical service with modern technology and data-driven solutions to enhance patient care, operation and overall efficiency, to make the workflow smooth and accurate for both doctors and patients. Smart hospitals aim to provide high-quality healthcare services while optimizing resource utilization and reducing costs.

dIA Smart Hospital uses the Smart Sensor RPA (Robotic Process Automation) that comes from the IP camera working with AI software only at dIA. It detects patients or people who have associated faces, then evaluates information from the hospital’s database to check who the patient is, the treatment history, to make the treatment go quickly and smoothly at lower costs.

How Does Smart Hospital Work

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Smart Hospital Functions and Features

Functions and Features

Multi Registration Channels

Smart Hospital concept has multi registration for patients such as pre-registration, online registration, and on Smart Hospital Kiosk. Thus, patients do not need to queue up for counter registration, because IP cameras from dIA will help verify faces from the database and register them as soon as they enter the hospital.

Authentication by Face Recognition

dIA Smart Hospital can record patient information into a hospital database with facial recognition from AI. Eliminates unnecessary paperwork, reduces time at the registration counter.

Real-time Notification

dIA Smart Hospital increases satisfaction and easy to identify patients that require immediate attention. With the design of a facial recognition system, patient information is sent directly to the reception as soon as the patient’s face is detected.

Shorter the Queue

Smart Hospital cut down time normally spent on queue and manual registration with the dIA IP cameras with AI facial detection. Giving the hospital smarter operation management and cost saving .

Real-time Performance Dashboard

dIA Smart Hospital displays a data dashboard at a glance view of performance for resources optimization and operation planning, to improve the performance in the future.

Advantages for Your Hospital from a Smart Hospital

Advantages of your company

Easy to identify specific patients

dIA Smart Hospital can connect to the existing IP cameras at the hospital, helping identify patients from the moment they arrive at the hospital entrance. It can notify nurses or the attending physician immediately when a patient arrives. Thus, it also helps nurses accurately and precisely identify foreign patients to prevent mispronouncing the patient’s name.

Increase Efficiency

Smart Hospital technology is used to increase service efficiency, reduce the process of registration, identification and  the performance of the medical personnel to be accurate, convenient and fast.

Reduces Steps

Smart Hospital can store various information with electronic format such as Electronic Medical Records, Patient information, Statistical record of patient. Reduces steps of documenting at registration thus making document preparation easier.

Reduces Workload

According to the Smart Hospital concept that to reduce the workload of medical personnel. dIA Smart Hospital can manage the work process of personnel by bringing in technology to help lighten unnecessary documents.

Real-time performance dashboard

Smart Hospital have a real-time performance dashboard that summarizes the overall usage of services in the hospital on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. The data can be used to plan and improve management strategies for the future, whether it’s managing the number of staff or optimizing the workflow in each area for better efficiency.

Cost Saving

dIA Smart Hospital is efficient in management and has appropriate unit costs. To increase the quality of the service system, with lower costs as much as possible.

Advantages for Your Patients from a Smart Hospital

Advantages of Your Patients

Hands-free Authentication

dIA Smart Hospital helps reduce physical authentication to prevent contagious disease by using Smart Sensor RPA to identify an authentication person by facial recognition.

Easy to Registration

dIA Smart Hospital makes the registration easier by using mobile phone or webcam or even photo uploading to help the staff in the registration process.


Smart Hospital concept makes it convenient, reduces the risk of various errors, increases safety and increases patient satisfaction. It is a system that primarily facilitates patient convenience.

Shorten Queue

dIA Smart Hospital helps shorten the patient registration queue with dIA’s face recognition system. This allows for a faster patient registration process, reducing the paperwork steps involved. Moreover, patients who have appointments can easily be authenticated by facial recognition systems.

Social Distancing

dIA Smart Hospital uses AI cameras to assist in personal identification, reducing the need for physical contact and directional communication. It not only streamlines the identification process but also minimizes the risk of physical contact between individuals.

Smart Hospital

Start Your Smart Hopital With dIA

Are you ready to make the hospital more convenient and safer in the future? Let’s transform the hospital into Smart Hospital, a convenient and efficient space for both patients and medical personnel by using the Smart Sensor RPA from Dynamic Intelligence Asia – dIA. This technology will help recognize faces and store data in the database, making it easier for management and future developments.


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