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Face Recognition is a technology created to recognize and detect human faces by collecting Biometric Data or identity information from individuals through closed-circuit cameras, images, or videos. This data is then processed and used for various purposes especially in identity verification such as unlocking phones and confirming transactions.

Face Recognition system, therefore, applied in security, using AI to detect faces to identify suspicious individuals in crowds or for personnel screening at entry points. Moreover, Face Recognition systems are integrated into various applications, including mobile games and popular social media filters that are in our daily social media life.

How Does dIA Face Recognition Work

Turn your existing camera to an AI smart camera with Process Automation.

dIA Face Recognition handles several tasks by combining Biometric authentication and Process automation such as access control, clock in/out ready to payroll, visitors management and personalization services.


Functions and Features


In the first step, the Face Detection system detects faces from acquired biometric data, whether in the form of photos, camera input, or videos. It, then, collects facial data and counts the number of individuals in the image before transmitting the acquired data to the next relevant system.

Analysis and Attribution

After obtaining data from Face Detection, the Face Recognition system proceeds to create a facial template, or generate a Faceprint using reference points known as Nodal Points. These points mark the positions of various features on the face, such as the distance between eyebrows and eyes, the shape of the nose, and the distance between chin and mouth, among others. The resulting output will have characteristics resembling a unique imprint of each individual’s face.


In the final step, the system compares the obtained Faceprint with the biometric data stored in the database to check and confirm the identity of the person in the image. It verifies whether the individual exists in the database, is someone being needed for any purpose, or has any other relevant information in the system.

Advantages of your company

Advantages of your company

Enhancing Security

Face recognition system aids law enforcement in easily identifying potential suspects, increasing the chances of apprehending wrongdoers. On a national scale, the technology can be employed for criminal screening, identifying perpetrators, and utilizing AI for facial recognition.

Non Counterfeitable

Identity verification through biometric data such as fingerprint scans, iris scans, or facial recognition systems is challenging to fake due to the individual identity. In contrast to traditional identity verification methods like signatures, passwords, or keycards, which can be easily forged or stolen.


Traditional identity verification methods often require significant human resources and time investment. In contrast, utilizing Face Recognition systems for identity verification streamlines the process. Individuals can confirm their identity solely through facial features, offering a more efficient and convenient solution for the organization and service recipients or personnel.

Reduces the Risk of Disease Transmission

Face Recognition is a touchless identity verification system, relying solely on facial features. This minimizes surface contact, unlike other forms of identity verification such as document signing or fingerprint scanning. Face Recognition significantly lowers the chances of spreading contagious diseases.

Advantages of Your Customer

Advantages of Your Customer

Customer Recognition

The use of Face Recognition is particularly beneficial for customer engagement, especially in banking and financial institutions. Organizations in these sectors leverage Face Recognition for electronic Know Your Customer (e-KYC) processes, allowing customers to verify their identities electronically without the need to visit a physical branch.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System Assistant

In the retail business sector, Face Recognition systems can be applied to enhance data in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. Utilizing Face Detection technology helps gather data and statistics about customers, which can be used to improve the products or services of the brand.

Marketing and Security

Shopping malls or retail stores can utilize Face Recognition systems to count the number of customers who use their services each day. This helps in gathering statistics and measuring the results of marketing plans. Additionally, it enhances security measures by facilitating the detection of potential thieves or troublemakers.

Beneficial for Airport Users

Beneficial for Airport Users

Currently, many airports have implemented Face Recognition systems to scan the faces of passengers who wish to travel, especially in the process of immigration control, where passports are still required. The use of AI for face detection helps streamline the work of airport staff, making the process smoother and reducing the waiting time for passengers.

Government Implements

If the government implements policies to provide assistance, special privileges, or welfare benefits to the public. Face Recognition technology streamlines the identity verification process, making it faster and more convenient for citizens to access welfare benefits.

System Accessibility

The Face Recognition system uses the faces of users to confirm their identity, which is more difficult to forge compared to using key cards or employee IDs that can be easily stolen or counterfeited. Therefore, implementing a facial recognition system helps elevate the security within the organization.

Monitor Employee Attendance

Normally, companies or organizations have different methods to monitor the attendance of employees, each with its distinct approach. However, incorporating Face Recognition systems can streamline the attendance verification process, making it easy and reducing the risk of time fraud.

Start Your Face Recognition With dIA

Start Your Face Recognition With dIA

For organizations or companies seeking consultation on implementing a Face Recognition system in their business, Dynamic Intelligence Asia (dIA) offers a comprehensive Face Recognition system designed for user-friendly functionality. The system covers everything from facial recognition and analysis to data storage, providing seamless integration for various purposes.


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