Get to Know Smart Hotel and Smart Restaurant

Get to Know Smart Hotel/Restaurant

Smart Hotel and Smart Restaurant are advanced technologies that utilize sensors to detect customers’ faces, process data, and convert it into personalized information about customers’ preferences. This information is relayed to the responsible personnel of the hotel or restaurant to provide an enhanced experience for guests when staying at the hotel or dining at the restaurant.

dIA Smart Hotel and Restaurant uses the work of IP camera together with the intelligent AI software and turns it into Smart sensor RPA (Robotic Process Automatic) that can detect various types of things and re-act to environment as preference presets to makes your Smart Hotel and Restaurant be more efficient and meet the customer satisfaction, in a few workload.

How Does Smart Hotel/Restaurant Work

Smart Hotel and Smart Restaurant Functions and Features

Functions and Features

Auto Face Detection

Recognition your memberships, VIP and others from your preferences with an IP camera and AI software from dIA.  Smart Hotel and Smart Restaurant technology operates by detecting and recognizing faces when individuals enter the field of view. IP cameras can connect to a network to transmit captured images to digital devices that people use in their daily lives, such as tablets, laptops, or smartphones.

Real-time Notification

This enhances the service to be smooth and efficient. Implement real-time alerts or notifications to inform staff when a VIP or recognized member enters the establishment, enabling them to provide exceptional service.

Personalization Services Guide

Auto-generating personalization services guide each membership by Identifying their preferences from the database. For example, a smart restaurant menu ordering system. A restaurant can offer a menu tailored to customers’ dietary preferences and It can offer exclusive discounts or promotions to VIPs.

Integration with Other Platforms

Our product is a standalone platform but don’t worry if you have an existing membership platform or POS. It’s easy to integrate via API. This allows for seamless integration between different systems and enables external software to access and update the specified data within defined boundaries.

Advantages for Your Company from Smart Hotel and Smart Restaurant

Advantages of your company

Operation by Synchronizing Offline to Online

dIA Smart Hotel and Restaurant understands your operation by synchronizing offline to online. allows for flexible monitoring and remote access, making it easier to maintain security and manage operations across various scenarios.

Auto Detection Specific Customers

Smart Hotel and Smart Restaurant can be configured to perform facial recognition and object detection by Smart sensor RPA and database from your software, which can help in automatically detecting specific customers, VIPs, and individuals on watchlists. providing enhanced security and personalized services to make an impression.

Memorized All Details

Smart Hotel and Smart Restaurant can gather customer behavior and preference data to assist in making business decisions. This data collection helps in tailoring services to align more closely with customer desires and preferences.

Provides Membership Data

Smart Hotel and Smart Restaurant enables businesses to provide personalized and efficient services based on a customer’s past service history and preferences. To further impress customers with your service ever more.

Increase Chance of Buying

Smart Restaurant and smart Hotel technology can significantly contribute to increasing the likelihood of customers making purchases. For instance, in smart hotels, streamlined check-in processes enhance the guest experience when checking into hotels. Similarly, smart restaurant systems facilitate convenient food ordering.

Provide Impression

dIA Smart Hotel and Restaurants can help businesses optimize their operations, ensuring that staff are available when customers need them and can provide customers with peace of mind, knowing that their surroundings are monitored for safety and security by Smart Hotel and Smart Restaurant technology

Reduce the Workload

dIA Smart Hotel and Restaurant can efficiently reduce employee workloads in various industries, leading to significant cost savings in staffing for your business. Moreover, it aids in minimizing human errors in work tasks because Smart Hotel and Smart Restaurant technologies boast an impressive accuracy rate of up to 99%

Advantages for Your Customers from Smart Hotel and Smart Restaurant

Advantages of Your Customer

Individual Experience and VIP Experience

Smart Hotels and Restaurants often use technology to enhance the individual and VIP experiences of their customers. Staff members may offer special services or upgrades. So customers often receive special services like welcome gifts, complimentary spa services, or in-room dining experiences that are not available to regular customers.

Provides Prefered Services

Smart Hotel and Restaurant are dedicated to providing services that precisely align with customers’ needs. Using dIA Smart Hotel and Restaurant is considered a good option. which gathers customer data and enables it to respond effectively to customer preferences and enhance customer overall satisfaction.

Increase Satisfaction

Smart Hotel and Smart Restaurant employ various strategies to increase customer satisfaction and create opportunities for customers to come back and buy again. By consistently providing exceptional service. ultimately contributing to business success and profitability.

Understand Customer's Requirements

Smart hotels and restaurants analyze data to understand each customer’s requirements. This technology can enhance customer satisfaction, increase loyalty, and improve the overall customer experience. This level of personalization helps differentiate from competitors and fosters long-term relationships with their guests.

Smart Hotel and Smart Restaurant

Start Your Smart Hotel/Restaurant With dIA

Are you ready to make your Smart Hotel and Restaurant more special? Let’s create an impressive customer experience through service that goes above and beyond. By capturing customer data to enhance their satisfaction, and maintaining security through facial detection by Smart Sensor RPA system only at Dynamic Intelligence Asia – dIA.


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