Get to Know dIA Smart Signage

Get to Know dIA Smart Signage

dIA Smart Advertisement or smart signage TV, is a display screen designed specifically for business purposes, which utilizes face recognition and vision intelligence to detect customer facial features and interests. It accomplishes by comparing the gathered data with an existing customer database. The results are then analyzed to create personalized advertising content, which is displayed to the target customers through smart signage TVs. 

This innovative smart signage display allows customers to see products or services tailored to their individual preferences. As well, it effectively stimulates sales. Therefore, it is well-suited for digital advertising, marketing, public relations, news dissemination, and engaging promotional presentations.

How Does dIA Smart Advertisement Work

Functions and Features

Functions and Features

Auto Face Detection and Boost Their Purchase Desire

One of the intriguing digital signage options worth mentioning is “smart signage.” This is due to its remarkable capabilities. For example facial recognition of customers and analyzing their interests through existing databases. Then instantly generating and displaying images, videos, products, or service presentations tailored to each customer’s preferences or other related preferences via smart signage TVs.

Dynamic Sales Promotions

The powerful and strong dynamic features of face recognition and vision intelligence technology in smart signage can sell presentations with effectiveness, appeal, and usefulness to target customers. The results include a significant increase in sales opportunities for products or services.

Counting and Analyzing Viewers

dIA Smart Advertisement possesses exceptional capabilities in collecting, counting, and analyzing customer data such as demographic information, statistics, and customer interests. This makes it possible to know who a particular person is. These data are highly valuable for marketing activities and campaigns, as well as for improving production processes and services to meet customers’ needs to the fullest extent possible.

Advantages of your company

Advantages of your company

Increasing the Chance of Sales

One of the benefits of smart signage solutions is the increased sales opportunities they provide. This is because dIA Smart Advertisement can search for important customers from the membership system, detect faces within 1 second, and provide real-time notifications. The company can, therefore, communicate with and recommend products that match the customer’s interests, ensuring that they receive products that meet their needs. This increases the chances of making a sale.

Displaying Messages and Advertisements to the Target Audience

When it comes to content display through smart signage TVs, dIA Smart Advertisement’s AI system will present what is most appropriate for customers or aligns with their interests by gathering data from the database, analyzing it, and presenting only the content or advertisements that customers want to see.

Measuring the Effectiveness of Advertising

dIA Smart Advertisement is a method that makes it convenient to measure the effectiveness of advertising or marketing campaigns. This is due to the system’s ability to store data in order to assess advertising via smart signage TVs to ensure that it corresponds with customer preferences and efficiently encourages sales.

Increasing the Chance of Generating Awareness

Certainly, displaying advertisements through smart signage displays that align with customer preferences and other relevant interests, as well as showcasing the unique identity of your products or services. It also increases the likelihood that customers will become more acquainted with your brand.

Collecting and Analyzing Data for Strategic Planning

The most crucial capability of using dIA Smart Advertisement is its ability to gather and analyze data for strategic planning, especially marketing strategies. It leverages customer engagement with your presentations, sales data and increased interest to develop content that continually improves and enhances your offerings.

Advantages of Your Customer

Advantages of Your Customer

Receiving Matching Messages and Advertisements

Smart signage displays are devices that efficiently deliver customers the messages, content or advertising information about products or services they desire.

Reducing the Annoyance of Media

dIA Smart Advertisement can provide significant benefits to customers by reducing the annoyance of media advertisements or information that doesn’t align with their interests. This ensures that customers will have an enjoyable experience with the service. And creating a favorable environment for them to make informed decisions about purchasing your products or services.

Making an Impression and Improving Satisfaction

The results of implementing effective marketing strategies, collecting customer data, and leveraging technology including AI face recognition systems. It can significantly enhance the efficiency of smart signage displays. This can leave such a positive impression on your customers that they not only appreciate their initial purchase but also become eager to return and use your services again in the future.

Start Your Smart Office With dIA

Start Your Smart Office With dIA

Dynamic Intelligence Asia – dIA is an expert in providing solutions that harness the power of technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Computer Vision to enhance quality, efficiency, value and user convenience. We believe in driving businesses forward with artificial intelligence technology to create a better future, both in terms of quality of life and existence.

Therefore, choosing dIA Smart Advertisement is an investment aimed at long-term profitability. It is a highly effective and efficient approach for selling products or services and importantly for building a strong brand or company for you in the future.


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