Get to Know Smart Retail

Get to Know Smart Retail

Smart Retail is the use of technology to sell products and services, aiming to enhance opportunities for conducting retail businesses by improving the customer experience in purchasing products through the transmission of information to customers via electronic devices and internet networks, which can connect with customers anytime, anywhere.

Smart Retail IP camera with AI software from dIA provides face recognition that can work with your business operation to work more efficiently and safely. It also helps gain more customer satisfaction by making the purchase process faster and easier.

How Does Smart Retail Work

Smart Retail Functions and Features

Functions and Features

Auto Face Detection

dIA Smart Retail provides an auto face detection system operating in the areas that helps recognize faces, promotes safety, and makes sales more efficient.

Membership Identification

Mapping face identification with database software and won’t miss a chance to service your VIP customers, creating an impressive customer experience by dIA Smart Retail.

Real-time Notification

A Smart Retail company can provide real-time notification to sales assistants once detected VIP, Members and others as preferences to improve customer experience, making an impression for your customer.

Personalization Services

Auto generating sales guide of each membership by analyzing their preferences from the Smart Retail IP camera database from AI software. Now your sales assistant can provide the best experience to each customer from their interests.

Integration with Other Platforms

The Smart Retail from dIA is a standalone platform but don’t worry if you have an existing membership platform or POS. It’s easy to integrate via API.

Advantages for Your Company from a Smart Retail

Advantages of your company

Understanding The Operation

Smart Retail can indeed play a role in understanding and synchronizing offline and online operations such as behavior analysis, customer journey mapping, and data analytics to improve sales efficiently.

Membership system collaboration

AI software from dIA in Smart Retail can work together with membership systems to enhance the shopping experience for customers and provide valuable insights for retailers.

Productivity Improving

The Smart Retail with smart sensor RPA can monitor employee service and customer satisfaction. This encourages employees to provide better customer service, follow the company policies, and maintain productivity.

Customer Insights

The Smart Retail IP cameras with AI smart sensor RPA can capture customer behavior data to analyze, tailor marketing strategies and improve the overall customer experience.

Customer Satisfaction

Enhanced security and safety measures driven by the Smart Retail, creating a more pleasant shopping environment. Satisfied customers are more likely to become repeat customers.

Loss Prevention

With the face recognition system of the Smart Retail, it can deter theft, shoplifting, and employee fraud. They serve as a valuable tool for loss prevention, reducing inventory shrinkage and financial losses.

Increase chance in total sales

With the face recognition system of the Smart Retail with smart sensor RPA, it can help improve customer experience, increase a chance of brand royalty and gain more new customers, driving total sales.

Advantages for Your Customers from a Smart Retail

Advantages of Your Customer

Personalized Offers

dIA Smart Retail has an analyzing system from a face recognition database that can analyze customer behavior and preferences to provide personalized offers and recommendations, to satisfy individual needs.

Quick Assistance

In the event of an incident or emergency, Smart Retail technology can be used to alert store staff and security persons to ensure that assistance is provided swiftly, enhancing customer safety.

Personalization and VIP Experience

Smart Retail equipped with facial recognition technology can identify VIP customers as they enter the store. This recognition can trigger personalized experiences.

Video Personalize for product Information

Smart Retail IP camera with AI software technology from dIA can be equipped with interactive displays that provide customers with product information, pricing details, and promotions. helping customers to make the decision easier. For instance, this functionality can showcase promotional videos to individuals who have previously bought or expressed interest in Product ABC. It will display advertisements promoting Product ABC to these customers as they enter the store.

Smart Retail

Start Your Smart Retails With dIA

Ready to transform your retail company? Let’s reduce work time, increase convenience, and increase efficiency at work. Creating a lasting impression on customers, building a loyal customer, and attracting new customers. Join the future of business with Smart Retail IP cameras with AI software from Dynamic Intelligence Asia – dIA.


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