✨According to IDC’s Worldwide Artificial Intelligence Spending Guide, the global spending on AI systems is predicted to exceed $110 billion by 2024, double over from $50.1 billion in 2020.

✔️The reason of this remarkable growth is the increasing number of organizations adopting AI as part of their digital transformation strategy to remain competitive in the rapidly evolving digital economy.

“Companies will adopt AI — not just because they can, but because they must,” said Ritu Jyoti, program vice president, Artificial Intelligence at IDC. ”

👏🏻👍🏻By leveraging AI, businesses can enhance their agility, innovation, and scalability, enabling them to transform data into actionable insights and knowledge that can be applied to tackle complex business challenges.

Moveover, AI can facilitate the delivery of insights at scale, automating decision-making processes and improving operational efficiencies.

🎊To conclude, the growth of AI expenditure is a clear indication that more and more companies are recognizing the benefits of this transformative technology, and it is expected that the adoption of AI will continue to accelerate in the coming years.


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