case study

Digitize the physical environment in real time for process optimization and cost saving. AI will analyze and provide operational insights as well as trigger actions for NC prevention.


In the manufacturing line, there is concern about the bottleneck problem because the operators do not stay in the station, and the supervisor knows after the problem occurs. Sometimes it is too late to solve this problem without incurring costs. So, the operator monitoring platform is built to promptly solve this problem and prevent NG products.

dIA Solution

The platform is designed to help supervisors monitor operators in real-time by creating the simulation station area in the platform, setting conditions, and viewing your operator’s performance from the dashboard or monitoring screen.
On the other hand, the platform can be adapted to be used for security purposes. The user can set the forbidden or dangerous area on the platform and trigger an alert to notify the tower or supervisor of the problem so that it can be resolved immediately.

Operator Monitoring

Key benefit

Using our operator monitoring platform will allow you to work smarter, with the following key benefits:


Digitize your physical environment automatically.


Safety and security to company and employees.


Cost saving by replacing monitoring works of supervisors.


 Human resource optimization (OT decreasing!)


Digitize your production line in real-time with no initial set-up cost.


Data analysis and reporting are easy and quick.