case study

Computer Vision and Process Automation powered solution by dIA. The QC Vision will drive process efficiency while eliminate the waste as well as minimize quality control process workload.

Power of dIA engine and Robot Process Automation, the QC vision will monitor production process and alert at sights once it’s detecting any missing step of working instruction or potential missing process to prevent non-conformity and waste before happened. 


The quality of the product is very important for customers and makes the company reliable. Many factories have decided to use humans to control product quality, but it cannot be denied that humans have limitations due to fatigue and that errors can occur. Is it better if you have an AI platform like the dIA QC Vision platform to help you control the product’s quality?

dIA Solution

The platform is designed to help humans detect any defect in a product that occurs during the production process before it is delivered to the customer to make sure that every customer receives quality products from the factory. The platform is able to detect the defect and alert the operator or trigger service, which can control the machine to reject the defected product from the production line.   

Key benefit

Using our QC Vision platform will allow you to work smarter, with the following key benefits: 


Quality control process is faster and more accurate than a process using only people. (Increase productivity)


Data analysis and reporting are easy and quick.


Generate more reliability for customers.