Smarter more convenience and hygienic.

Function & Feature

Smart Office  (Access control and Monitoring)

Smarter more convenience and hygienic.

Connecting your existing IP cameras to our AI platform and turns it to Smart sensor with face recognition ability. Products available on premise and on cloud.  

Asset 2

Time attendance for clocking in

Easy to identify specific person by face image of who, when, where enters or at the front desk with date and time recording. 


Auto face detection with IP camera

Face Recognition is the only bio-metric that everyone can visibly confirm compared with others (Fingerprint, Iris, Vein)

Asset 6

Notify within area you want to control in real-time

Real-time monitoring and sending notification directly to your mobile devices once detecting your guests, VIP and others as your preferences. 

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Automatic door opening for registrants and closing for unauthorized

Hands free authentication, convenient and hygienic. Prevents risk of unauthorized access due to misplacement or lost of key-cards.